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SecuScan Security Control Centre

Welcome to the SecuScan Security Control Centre. After registration and verification, you will be able to set up, deploy and monitor the security status of your external networks both private or corporate.

SecuScan provides complete reporting on the issues found, the impact on business and simple recommendations that users with limited security experience can follow. SecuScan eliminates the need for costly third party security audits and provides scheduled automated security audits as well as freeing up valuable resources and removing the element of human error by using leading edge technology that is proven and reliable.

"SecuScan, has been a very thorough and reliable auditing tool. The reports that it generates are easily understood and easy to refer to repair any of the issues the auditing tool picked up during the test. I would recommend the use of this tool for any company that requires accurate auditing with low overhead." - James SJ Park, LG Electronics IT Banking Team

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